Monday, 14 November 2016

How Mobile Apps Are Helping Restaurants Business

AppOnLease is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. In short it is a Food Ordering System designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile App. is your New Gateway. To Increase Business, Gain Loyalty and Be More Efficient.

Integrating your mobile application with your existing marketing strategy is the first step forward.

    * Talk about your mobile application in your menu, pamphlets, website, emailers, invoices or bills, etc.
    * SMS your customers with a link to download the mobile application.
    * Give discount to first time customers who order using the.


How we can help you?
More downloads, means more customers and brand stickiness.

    * Tent cards to place in the restaurant
    * Promotional Stickers
    * Promotional Standee
    * Pamphlet

Who: Interested in a having a mobile app. to grow brand
What: Order placing, Order management & Content
Why: Brand Building, Customer Convenience, More Business
Where: Your mobile app. on play store (Android & iOS)
When: Sign up now, start in a week

AppOnLease ( ) is a ready-to-use mobile app. for businesses. This demo video is targeting restaurant managers to take & process food orders in a very organised, gain business insights and customer information too. A great way to stay mobile and stay organised.


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