Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Restaurants

Awesome things happen in the mobile world nowadays. If you take a look, you will notice that almost any business considers having a mobile app now in order to boost sales, increase brand awareness and show loyalty to customers. The restaurant industry is not an exception.

In this article, we will identify and analyze the benefits of mobile app development for restaurants. Hope that this example will help you determine how such a solution could be useful for your specific business.

The market share of restaurant mobile app development demonstrates one of the highest growth rates in comparison to other spheres. For example, in 2015 it reached $160 million. This result is twice higher than the revenues of 2014.

As almost any business nowadays, the restaurant industry continues to be influenced by customer-facing mobile technologies.

We can observe two main trends on the market of restaurant software:

Customer-Facing Technology: Restaurants begin to integrate tablets (iOS, Android) and consumer technology into the dining experience to meet client demands for faster checkouts, easier payment options and entertainment, such as gaming.

Tablet Hardware: In addition to the above point, there is an increase in solutions for line busting in quick service restaurant environments. Servers use apps for tablets and other mobile devices to take orders in restaurant locations.

But why do people use restaurant apps? What is so special about them from the user perspective?

During the survey, 46,1% of the respondents stated that they used restaurant mobile apps to check for hours of operation. The statistics looks great if to take into consideration the time it was collected. Imagine how the market has grown since then and what changes and opportunities it has brought.

Sounds good, right? Isn’t it high time for you to start your digital business? If you would like to know how to build a mobile app for restaurant, there are 5 tips to consider. Let’s get down to them.


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