Monday, 26 December 2016

How Restaurant Business become easy with Mobile Application

Mobile applications have brought a great change in present age. Mobile apps make people life easier. There are lots of things we can do easily with help of mobile applications. We can access lots of products and services using mobile applications for restaurant. Food order ordering and delivery is one among them. We see mobile apps have brought revolution in food industry too. Maximum hotels and restaurants these days own mobile application to boost their business. These apps also proved very useful for customers. Mobile apps landing producers to that platform directly where their consumers already present. We are presenting some reasons how food ordering and delivery become easy with the help of mobile apps.

Quick and Easy- With the help of mobile apps we can very easily and quickly order foods from our favourite restaurant.

Time Saving – Nowadays, Main issue for common man is time. In hectic schedule, people can’t even get time to search good food. Lastly they prefer to order food from nearby restaurant and eat whatever they deliver. But now with the help of mobile apps customers can choose, Filter, can read review instantly and order food according to choice. Mobile apps help costumer to explore and enable them to get exactly they are looking for.

Restaurant Filtering – Now, customers don’t have to roam on streets to find restaurants according to their choice. Customers can filter restaurants online on mobile apps and can select those hotels and restaurants they wish to. One can easily filter restaurants according to location, rating, food types, restaurant type, price etc.

Order Tracking –
Order Tracking is one of the most helpful features that currently online food ordering app and delivery apps uses. Customer can track their order through app and can estimate the time of delivery.

Payment Options – Payment gateways are very beneficial in food ordering and delivery application. Customer can pay their bills with the help of app only. So now there is no need to go to market, purchase food and pay. All things can be done with a simple Mobile app.

Digital Menus – Nowadays every restaurant are uploading digital menu card on their website and mobile application. This is very easy and useful way to select from variety of options. Consumers are now enables to see pictures of food, ingredients, price etc. Digital menu cards are better than real menu cards as it explores more to the customers

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Increase Revenue of Your Restaurant with Mobile App

Customer attraction and satisfaction are as important for any restaurant as Branding and marketing. Mobile applications are the best way to attract customers. The customers can easily look out for any restaurant and the services they provide. Customers can Search for a good restaurant, check the menu, pre order the food and book a table within minutes via a single application. In Today’s busy life no one has the time to wait outside the restaurants for their tables. Now Food industry is greatly impacted by the new trends in iPhone application development.

What are the benefits restaurants can have by mobile applications?

Customer Engagement

Easy access is the key to customer engagement. Introducing a customer loyalty program included in the app which helps in enhancing return visits. Users spend more time on mobile so application so it will give more committed customers. An app responding effectively will give more output as a result will be used more. Customer engagement is truly customer-driven as customers decide when to communicate. So having an app will provide 24/7 availability to the customers.

Easy to Locate

Customers love easy services, knowing about a restaurant is a different thing and visiting the restaurant is another thing. If the restaurant is easy to locate then only customer plans to visit otherwise no one has time to play hide and seek. Through mobile applications customers can track the place or can check the location via mobile applications. This in return will attract more customers. The clients are asking the mobile app developers to integrate GPS and Google maps into the restaurant applications.

More Referrals

Promising the customers for giving reward points with each referral can increase customer engagement. There are so many successful iPhone applications on iTunes providing incentives with referrals and an attractive deal to the first time visitor can boost customer retention. The referrals and reward points are proved to be useful in alluring customers.

Social Media Sharing

With the help of Restaurant App can reviews about any restaurant on social media website will make great footprint of the restaurant’s name. As a result, branding, marketing and publicity will be done for a restaurant. Presently, customers check the reviews of the restaurants before visiting. A review helps the customers to know about the food, the services and the ambience of the restaurant. The reviews shared on social media will attract more new customers.

Easy Order Fulfillment

Customers can preorder the food so that the order can be provided in less time. Preordering helps in both; takeaways and eating there. If the order is already placed then the customer just have to pick the food, no need of waiting. While eating at the restaurant the food will be served within the short time.

Restaurants can benefit a lot from the mobile application. A mobile application development process requires patience and knowledge. Contact iPhone app development companies, which have experienced mobile application developers and knowledge of trending technologies.

AppOnLease is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. Its a Food Ordering App designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.
Our Mission for AppOnLease is to ensure fast and quality food delivery to customers using mobile technology thereby making queuing orders simple for restaurants. This is a primary need that AppOnLease application serves. We truly believe in growing businesses using technology to their benefit so our endeavour to provide smart analytics is built keeping this belief in mind.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Why Every Restaurant Needs a Food Ordering App

Orders may still be coming in through the phone, but with the popularity of online ordering increasing every day, the moments is fast approaching where most customers will expect to be able to submit orders without having to talk to anyone. If that isn’t reason enough to begin taking advantage of one of the fastest-growing opportunities in the restaurant industry, here are five more arguments for “going mobile:”

1. You’ll get larger orders

Some researchers have found that online orders are up to 25% larger! When customers can see the menu, browse add-ons, and review upsells, the result is that they spend more money. It’s a nice revenue boost that can quickly pay for the cost of creating your app.

2. Your customers are online

People spend hours and hours each day online, especially on their mobile devices. As the saying goes, it’s best to meet people where they are. By making ordering available online, you make it that much more convenient for people to submit orders from the screen they are already staring at. Which reminds us…

3. You can book a sale from anywhere

People aren’t nailed to their seats – they’re mobile! By allowing your fans to use an ordering app, they can submit orders no matter what they’re doing. When they’re heading home on a commuter train, stuck in a meeting, or anywhere else that making a call isn’t convenient, they can still be sending you orders. If they aren’t able to do that, they may forget about it, or simply pull leftovers from the fridge when they get home and are hungry and tired.

4. You can smooth out the ordering process

Every restaurateur knows that mistakes in orders really irritate customers. A mobile ordering app cuts the error rate down. Customers can review their orders and type out any special requests. That way, there’s a record of everything the customer wants.

With phone orders, there is a greater chance that an item will be missed or miss-recorded, or that a special instruction will be misheard or written incorrectly. With mobile apps, if there are any mistakes on the ticket, the customer has no one to blame but him- or herself. It will still be your job to make them happy, of course (such is life in customer service), but you’ll be able to tell them that you’re happy to “revise their order” to suit whatever their “new requests” are.

5. You’ll get ahead of the competition

The bottom line is that there are plenty of customers that prefer online ordering at this point, and your competitors may already be gearing up to serve them. By publishing your own food ordering app, you stay at the forefront of customer service and convenience. This means that an ordering app can become another competitive advantage for you.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Benefits of having Mobile Apps for the Restaurant

Nowadays more and more customers are glued to their smartphones and practically never let them out of their sight. Not surprisingly, these days these mobile apps offer numerous benefits to businesses. In today’s blog, we will talk specifically about restaurant mobile apps as their popularity is extremely high in modern life.

The Mobile Apps in one of the important tool which promotes the businesses to increase their business sales.

There is no restrictions for having the mobile apps. Whether your business is small or medium scale, no matter, it will definitely help your business to reach the next level. Most of the business started to take advantage of the mobile apps. One such business that can take advantage of the mobile apps is the restaurant business.

How Mobile App help the restaurant business?

  • It drives more business during the weekdays.
  • Can send notification to the customers about special offers and discounts on the foods.
  • The social media share option allows the customers to share their favorite food with their friends and relatives.
  • Increase the interaction with their customers and improves brand awareness.
  • The food items can be showcased to the customers using the mobile app itself.
  • Acts like a medium to receive maximum door orders.
  • Can receive feedback from the customers through the mobile apps itself.
  • Help in receiving the payment from the customers.
  • The restaurant can keep track of the orders that are placed.
  • Contact information  can be stored about the vital clients.

The food industry is up and booming again with the support of technology. There is a massive development of technology which aids the restaurants and food delivery businesses alike. The food sector has managed to appear as a highly profitable industry due to its broad potential and due to insanely growing demand for restaurant of different food themes in various cities.

is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. In short it is a Food Ordering System designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

What makes mobile app solutions for restaurants so effective?

An important point is that mobile apps are supposed to be very user-friendly. It means that the user interface should be convenient not only for customers but also for a restaurant management. From the point of view of a business owner, a mobile app provides a useful electronic catalog, helpful feedback, convenient shopping forms and order lists. Nowadays, implementing a payment processing system is a MUST for a restaurant.

Our life is easier with mobile apps so let’s take that advantage! Customers and users want to diversify their nutrition, enjoy their food and atmosphere, not thinking about payments and bills. For restaurant mobile app developers it’s an obligation to provide high-quality, user-friendly and convenient solutions.

Additionally, a mobile app for a restaurant allows a business owner to leverage the performance of staff and reduce organizational costs. There is always a possibility to integrate it with an existing IT solution that is already used in order to achieve a very flexible combination with a lot of advantages. For example, when it is necessary to change the cost or the names of several dishes, add or remove menu items there is no need to input a stock list twice.

Since several solutions are integrated, all changes made in one system will be automatically updated in another one. It can save time greatly as there won’t be any need to manually transfer orders that come from a mobile app. An employee can simply confirm them within the system and send them to a POS-terminal which will print them out. Thus, a mobile app for restaurant ordering ensures instant receipt and the most rapid processing of orders.

AppOnLease is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. In short it is a Food Ordering System designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission for AppOnLease is to ensure fast and quality food delivery to customers using mobile technology thereby making queuing orders simple for restaurants. This is a primary need that AppOnLease application serves. We truly believe in growing businesses using technology to their benefit so our endeavour to provide smart analytics is built keeping this belief in mind.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Why it is necessary to develop a Food Ordering App?

People spend much time while ordering food, and application aims to minimize this process, then gives a customer an opportunity to do other important activities. Food ordering mobile app is the ideal helper in finding new clients and increasing orders. You own the restaurant, cafe or bar, but you feel you can give more – so then it’s time to expand the horizons of your business. In this article we will try to consider a few reasons why it is necessary to build a custom food ordering app for restaurant, and the general tips that will help to develop best food ordering app ever.

Who Will Use Food Ordering App?

Let us start with the general idea of this type of applications and its clients. The target audience of food ordering mobile app are students, employees, and entrepreneurs. Their lifestyle demands to act quickly and do not waste time on things they don’t want to, plus to get everything of a high quality. That’s the reason for the eating habits have to be in tune with the way of life.

And if we don’t have enough time to go to the restaurant, it isn’t the reason to refuse to eat what we like. A key to this solution is to keep everything at hand. That’s what app should give – full access to the offers of the user’s favorite restaurant.

One more thing to keep in mind while developing a food ordering app is people motivation. And it is laziness as well as hunger. So when a customer opens an app, he or she wants to see an easy food guide with the main buttons and the modern design. Make it simple for your customers to place an order directly from their smartphone.


AppOnLease tried to answer the question “Why it is necessary to develop a food ordering app” and tried to give you the main idea and tips on how to build mobile app for restaurant.
If you have any questions regarding this topic or want to make a mobile app for restaurant, please feel free to contact us anytime. We provide different business niches with profitable IT-solutions. Entrust our dedicated team of developers to create the app, which can meet both your business needs and your customers’ wishes.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

How Mobile App Can Improve Your Business?

Mobile users prefer using apps to visit media instead of going to a website, highlighting the importance of mobile apps.With growing number of mobile users and businesses offering their own apps, there is no reason why you should not have your own app.

Consumers are spending more time on their apps than ever before. Over the past half-decade, the proliferation of mobile devices has transformed us into an app-driven society, presenting marketers with new opportunities to connect with consumers by creating more interesting and sophisticated apps to command their attention.

How can mobile apps help your business

1- Better Branding

Mobile apps can help increase brand awareness and also make people more loyal. It's simple, when your company's name or logo is on the user's mobile screen, they will find it difficult to forget or neglect it.

Plus, mobile apps come with different features, such as push notifications. You can remind users of a special offer to attract their attention. Or you can get more personal with notifications like 'you haven't had your favorite chicken burger in three weeks, open the app to order now'. However, such personal branding will work only if you have the right details or understanding with your customer.

2- More Customer Engagement

Apps are an easy way to engage your customer. They can help you do everything from taking suggestions and feedback to having full conversations. People spend close to 30 hour per month on mobile apps. They help take several decisions including 'what to see', 'what to wear' and even 'what to eat' based on app.. This gives businesses a great opportunity to engage customers and get the desired outcome.

Since users are already using their mobile, the engagement rate is higher on apps. All they have to do is open the app and you get the desired result within a few seconds. An easy way to increase engagement is by allowing social media sharing, which will enable users to share your content on social media platforms, bringing you more eyeballs.

3 Get More Customers

The right mobile app can help you get more business. But for this to happen you will have to market the app as well. According to reports, only 40% apps are searched through search engines or mobile app platforms, and more than half the apps are reached through official platforms. So when you get an app, you must promote it on your other platforms, including your social media pages and official website.

AppOnLease is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. In short it is a Food Ordering System designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Monday, 14 November 2016

How Mobile Apps Are Helping Restaurants Business

AppOnLease is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. In short it is a Food Ordering System designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile App. is your New Gateway. To Increase Business, Gain Loyalty and Be More Efficient.

Integrating your mobile application with your existing marketing strategy is the first step forward.

    * Talk about your mobile application in your menu, pamphlets, website, emailers, invoices or bills, etc.
    * SMS your customers with a link to download the mobile application.
    * Give discount to first time customers who order using the.


How we can help you?
More downloads, means more customers and brand stickiness.

    * Tent cards to place in the restaurant
    * Promotional Stickers
    * Promotional Standee
    * Pamphlet

Who: Interested in a having a mobile app. to grow brand
What: Order placing, Order management & Content
Why: Brand Building, Customer Convenience, More Business
Where: Your mobile app. on play store (Android & iOS)
When: Sign up now, start in a week

AppOnLease ( ) is a ready-to-use mobile app. for businesses. This demo video is targeting restaurant managers to take & process food orders in a very organised, gain business insights and customer information too. A great way to stay mobile and stay organised.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Do I really need mobile apps for restaurants?

The fact is that unfortunately, still a lot of restaurants and bars, especially small objects, do not have their own mobile application, or even the website. This is mainly because such investments are too expensive for them or their owners consider them to be unnecessary.

And unfortunately, that means that they lose a good deal of work and profits. You must realize that your potential customers become increasingly mobile, and that they through their mobile devices seeking for information about restaurants and bars when they want to have lunch or a drink.

People want to save time , and in the simplest and quickest way possible to get to the information they are interested in. Mobile applications provide them exactly that luxury. Took smartphone out of your pocket, turn it on, hit the logo of your restaurant on the device and you have already come up with all the required information related to your searched subject.

Mobile sites or applications for caterers don’t have to be complicated . Sometimes it is enough to include only basic information about the object, which searchers actually the most interested in, such as: basic information, phone number and address, as well as menus, drink prices and weekly deals.

Simple mobile websites or restaurants apps are cost-effective and incredibly important to increase sales and gaining new guests. It is very easy to develop Mobile apps for restaurants and bars with the help of software companies that are specializes in this type of applications.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Main Features Every Restaurant Mobile App Should Include

Once there was a time when the restaurant’s mobile app was just a tool to help people finding the nearest location and to look at the menu. However, now we see a completely other side of mobile apps in restaurant businesses. We have to accept that mobile apps do a few important things very well in the food industry today.

As a growing number of consumers adopted mobile apps to ease their dining experience, restaurants increasingly started utilizing mobile technology with ordering and payment applications to increase their business and customer. However, a few popular food apps initially failed to impress the consumers by making the features complex. Let’s find out a few food apps who failed to impress their customers to learn the reason of their failure and know how to build a successful food app with just six simple ways.

Coming to the point, being in the food business, you can engage your customers and increase loyalty by implementing a few customized features into the food mobile app. It will encourage customers to order food online from their smartphones, in turn, your business will get increased revenues. So, are you ready to check them out? Let’s explore!

Engage your customers with push messages

How would your business grab customer’s attention when there are various other food apps installed on their personal mobile phones. Push notification is the answer. When planning to build a mobile app for your food business, make sure you are up to speed on this powerful push messaging/notification, that would pop up on the mobile screen to let users know about the special offers, discounts, etc., without opening up the app. These are also called as the attention-grabbing messages that keep users/customers engage with your app. However, you also need to have a perfect marketing strategy to make your app noticeable among your customers, know-how here.

Make your business accessible to multiple platforms (App Store & Google Play Store)

Reaching a large number of customers through the mobile should be one of the main goals of your business which you need to focus. And, it’s possible only if your food app is accessible to multiple platforms (App Store and Google Play). If you have multiple entrances into your app, it will help you get your app noticed by a huge number of audience, which in turn will give you prospective customers to download your apps.

Embed videos, images, and other media content

Embedding videos, images and other media content related to your business creates more engagement. For the food app, you can have videos embed if you have any. However, including the images of food items is a must. You can also have venue pictures and food menu images if it’s a dedicated restaurant app. It will make the app more lively. So give your users the content that they are looking for, they may view, share and recommend online with their friends and relatives.

Allow customers to refer friends straight to your restaurant mobile app

Customer referral program is another effective way to pull the attention of your customers. They invite their friends to get bonus points through the referral program. Friends accept the invite, installs and complete the purchase to use the offer/discount. So, basically, this strategy helps in increasing more number of mobile application downloads. Consider promoting your referral program everywhere through a marketing strategy. This will encourage participation from a large number of food app users.

Create a referral code system

Promotional offers that give a discount on the first food order, coupon code to get discounts and referral codes to get bonus are a few other ways that would grab the attention of your customers and engage them with your app most of the time.

Create a loyalty coupon program for your restaurant app

For any business, customers are everything. So, you must treat your loyal customers and make them feel special. For which, you need to create a loyalty coupon program. Customers who regularly uses your app deserves rewards, ain’t it? Doing this program would also help you boost your customer engagement and increase transactions. So, think about it!

is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. In short it is a Food Ordering System designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App?

In the current restaurant market, mobile apps are quickly becoming a must-have for every business. If you own a restaurant, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your customer attendance steady. Business volume varies not only from season to season, but even by the hour. Fortunately, if you create a mobile app, you can use it to control some of the most difficult aspects about your restaurant app including ordering, billing, and tracking customer trends.

The Price of Apps

While mobile apps are a fantastic way to streamline your operations, mobile app development can be incredibly costly. App developers charge high rates for their services and creating a mobile app takes several months, meaning you’ll be paying a small fortune for development. Luckily, the WordApp WordPress plugin allows you to create a mobile app yourself, saving you thousands. This mobile app builder is completely customizable, so you can change your theme, menus, and other functions without needing the help of a high cost developer.

The Benefits of Your App

Now that you know you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a mobile app if you use options like a WordPress plugin, you may be wondering what benefits a mobile app will have for your business and your customers.

Reservations: You probably already have a system which allows your customers to make reservations on your website. However, your customers probably have access to their phone more than their computers. Allowing them to make reservations with your app is much easier and more accessible for your diners.

Online Ordering: This standard restaurant feature is quickly moving into the mobile sphere. As mentioned earlier, your customers are almost always near their phones, and being able to order straight from your app is a huge convenience for busy people needing to grab dinner on their way home.

Engagement: One of the best things about mobile apps is the ability to send notifications directly to your customers on their phones. People tend to ignore promotional emails, and social media only works when your customers log on and see your posts. With mobile apps, the notifications not only go directly to their phones, they also open your app, allowing your customers to order your newest dish or check out your specials.

Information: Sometimes, your diners just need to get some general information about your business. If they are lost en route to your restaurant, an embedded map can be a great tool to help them find you. They may also just want to check out your menu or hours. Although they can look this up online, having a mobile app helps them find your information easily, and while they are in your app they can go ahead and make a reservation.

Mobile apps are quickly becoming a must-have for any business, especially restaurants. Having a well-developed mobile app makes reservations, to-go orders, and promotions extremely easy for your busy restaurant. AppOnLease can help you create a custom mobile app for your business and customers!

Monday, 26 September 2016

A Mobile Application For Food Ordering System

AppOnLease is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. In short it is a Food Ordering System designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission for AppOnLease is to ensure fast and quality food delivery to customers using mobile technology thereby making queuing orders simple for restaurants. This is a primary need that AppOnLease application serves. We truly believe in growing businesses using technology to their benefit so our endeavour to provide smart analytics is built keeping this belief in mind.

Mobile Application is a great tool to engage with customers on the go. Having a mobile application along with a web application makes you completely accessible to your customer. Meaning, more business for you any day!

Why use AppOnLease

  • With AppOnLease, your sales is expected to grow.
  • Repeated orders and brand loyalty increases with an app.
  • It is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to get on the mobile platform.
  • Not just food ordering, many smart features available.
  • A Mobile Application For Restaurant and Food Ordering System
  • Grow your business

Features Of AppOnLease

User-Friendly Interface: Very simple and attractive interface. Great convenience for restaurant managers and customers. Powerful dashboard for a quick view on business.

Smart Analytics: Business insights & performance reflected through charts, diagrams.Comprehensive and ready-to-use information for better decision making.

Real-Time Notifications: Queuing orders made easy. Ensuring smooth ops and faster delivery of food to customers. Auto manage food orders from start to finish.

Customer History: Customer database on finger tips, from contact details to order details and their preferences. Track customer history for promotions, menu modifications and more.

CMS / DIY Content: Publish content about restaurant, press information, change menu, update promotions all by yourself anytime.

Support / Help Center: Reach our team to get any support regarding the app. We assure you quality experience and complete support.